Alexandersson Law is a boutique law firm that supports companies engaging in collaborations, partnerships and joint ventures – globally.

We help you define your deals, draft the documents that secure them, and negotiate to get you the best possible terms.

We work with partners not clients.

We build long term relationships with the people we work with.
Most companies have been with us for at least half a decade, either on retainers or when they need us for something specific.

We bill by project not the hour.

We believe the hourly model leads to less than optimal legal services and we only offer fixed fees. The clock will never be ticking when you send us an email or get on a call with us.

We are boutique by design.

We want to be able to fully engage with the vision our partners have for their companies and be available to them for strategy sessions, offer ideation, contract walkthroughs, counterpart negotiations, and all other twists and turns in their journey.

To be able to do so we are small by design – from our partner portfolio to our range of legal services.

The one thing that is big is our passion for helping our partners create trustworthy and fruitful business relationships.

We want to be a part of your team.

Are you ready to start your next collaboration?
We are.