Don’t let legal problems weigh down your business – make sure you are ready to rock the world!

With the Legal Toolkit you will be prepared for the most common legal problems facing businesses just like yours.

Avoid pitfalls like:
  • Handshake agreements
  • Inadequate web policies
  • Employee agreements that don’t hold up to scrutiny
  • Not owning your intellectual property
  • Not negotiating contract terms
  • Incorporating incorrectly
  • Partners taking more than their share of the business
  • Your trade secrets being leaked by contractors

Ok, I’m interested – what is in the toolkit?


Legal risks are built into many everyday tasks for startups. Signing up to a new service for your site? Make sure you are free to use it as you want and that you are not sharing data you are not allowed to.

The checklists are designed to help you check contracts, agreements and processes quickly.


The most common contracts, that almost every business needs, are included in the kit.

This means that you can safely take on partners, employees and freelancers. You can protect your intellectual property and your ideas.


Do you need insurance for your business? How do you choose the best one?

How do you negotiate contract terms with contractors, investors and other stakeholders?

The guides help you do better business, safely.

You get the following contract templates:

Partnership Agreement

Going into business with a friend is fun and seems risk free. Make sure the risk stays low even if the friendship goes sour.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Make sure that none of your employees, consultants or partners spill the beans about your company secrets.

Employment Agreement

You’re hiring? Great news, let’s make sure that you get the terms for the job right.

Consulting Agreement

Outsourcing can make your business more efficient. The right contract also gives you one less headache.

Assignment of Intellectual Property

Are you outsourcing design work, coding or the creating of other key company assets? Then you need this contract.

Client Service Agreement

Do you have clients? Then you need to agree on what services to provide. Preferably in writing.

Terms of Service Agreement

Do you want to dictate the terms for how your website and the information on it can be used? Of course you do – get yourself a terms of service agreement.

Privacy Policy

Do you have a website? Then you are required to have a privacy policy by law.

Cookie Policy

Cookies, cookies, cookies – for sites operating in the European Union a cookie policy is required.

The guides and checklists are designed to help you quickly assess the legal situations you face as a business owner so that you can make better choices.


Become a better negotiator and learn the best ways to get your terms into the final contract.


Your checklist for everything you need to check for in every contract you sign.


Your master checklist to make sure that you are doing everything by the book.

My name is Janet Alexandersson and I’m a business lawyer. Most of my time is spent helping my clients better understand the contracts they enter into.

All the resources included in the toolkit have been compiled based on the most common problems I encounter in the business I work with.

I created the toolkit because I want it to be easy for creative and ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself to get started and to take it to the next level.

Most entrepreneurs I know skip consulting lawyers unless they have to and this legal toolkit will make it easier for you to do so too.

Best of luck to you as you go about changing the world!

Cease and Desist Template

You get a template that calls out copy cats and demand them to cease and desist. This will help you put an end to people stealing your online assets.

General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) Guide

This guide helps you step by step to become GDPR complaint and make sure that you are handling Data Protection correctly.


Q. What’s the format of the Toolkit?

The contents in the toolkit are in the form of pdfs for the checklists and guides and docs for all the legal templates that you can edit. Each legal template also comes as a pdf.

Q. Do I need any previous legal knowledge to use the toolkit?

Nope. Everything in the toolkit comes with a video explanation on how you can edit each document and what each section is meant for so that you know what parts of an agreement to keep and which parts that do not apply to you.

Q. What is your refund policy?

I don’t offer refunds on the toolkit as it can be downloaded and used straight away. This is according industry standard. However, if you get stuck trying to use the contents, do get in touch and I will help in the best way I can.

Janet helped me secure the intellectual property I needed to protect my designs and to stop others from copying me. She knows what she is doing!Maria G. @heartofacrafter

The 100 first buyers get free lifetime updates and access to a live Q&A session. More contracts and guides will be added regularly.

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