Learn to negotiate like a lawyer and gain better control over your business.

This masterclass is designed for professionals who want increase their bottom line, form productive partnerships and create more value for their clients through the power of negotiation.

Negotiations are not conflicts, they are opportunities to prevent future conflict and ensure good cooperation. By learning negotiation strategy you can strengthen your partnerships and client relations.

Negotiating effectively requires the ability to take control of the game. In this workshop you will learn 10 ways to improve your chances an agreeable outcome. Let negotiation skills become your new superpower!

Practice your new negotiation skills with real life negotiation cases. Get feedback on how to think on your feet and adjust to the other parties of the negotiation.

Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”
– Carrie Fisher

Unleash the power of negotiation.

Negotiation is something that makes many entrepreneurs and freelancers uncomfortable.

Many of my clients avoid it for fear of losing out on the deal they have been offered.

The thing is when someone sends you an offer that is not the end, it is the beginning.

Think of all the times during a week that you negotiate. You negotiate dinner with your partner, new client contracts, better terms with your suppliers, bed time with your kids and finally with yourself over that last piece of desert. In every aspect of your life you need to know how to negotiate.
This one fact is non-negotiable.

Masterclass Format

The masterclass is 2 hours long. The first hour is dedicated to learning the theory behind negotiation and the different methods you can use. The second hour is devoted to putting your new knowledge into practice and making you comfortable negotiating regardless of the context.

We start of by learning the strategies you can apply to your negotiations.

  1. Gamifying the negotiation process
  2. Determining your pressure points
  3. Doing opposition research
  4. Taking control of the negotiation agenda
  5. Value-framing your requests
  6. Pre-planning your concessions
  7. Asking questions instead of demanding changes
  8. Finding points of agreement
  9. Using facts, not feelings
  10. Dealing with ultimatums

We practice common negotiation scenarios to prepare you for real world negotiations.

  1. Win-Lose Negotiations
  2. Win-Win Negotiations
  3. Lose-Lose Negotiations
  4. Adversarial Negotiations
  5. Collaborative Negotiations
  6. Multi-Party Negotiations
  7. Bad Faith Negotiation

Start making better deals by becoming a skilled negotiator!

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Location: Virtual
Number of attendees: Max 10 per masterclass
Masterclass facilitator: Janet Alexandersson, LLM, 10+ years experience as a business lawyer
Price: Starting offer €1495 – negotiate your fee!