Female founders are often told that they should negotiate like men – assert their power, take control and make demands!

Nothing could be more wrong.

Unfortunately, founders like you face a bias when making demands. You are seen as difficult when asking for what you want and as a female founder asking for a higher valuation you are seen as aggressive.

Luckily, successful negotiation is not about dominance, it is about collaboration. It’s about getting the other side to take on your mission as their own.

This is what lawyers do when they convince a jury to champion their cause. You can use the same techniques to bring an angel investor onboard, sign a deal with a game changing client and take on new partners in your venture.

The majority of the skills needed to be a truly effective negotiator come more naturally to women than men, yet you are constantly told to behave more like a man when doing business.

The average female founded startup raises $70 million in outside funding, while a male founded one raises $100 million. You are leaving $30 million that could be yours on the table every single time.

It is time for you to step into your true power. The power of listening, understanding, empathy, deep knowledge and knowing what you want.

How to tell if you need to improve your negotiation skills

Think of all the times during a week that you negotiate. You negotiate new client contracts, better terms with your suppliers and finally with yourself over that last piece of desert. In every aspect of your life you need to know how to negotiate. This one fact is non-negotiable.

You run you own company

You want to be the leader in your field

You have employees

You want to have a productive relationship with your suppliers

You want VC investments

You always get less than what you want

You want to make high profile deals

You want to form long-lasting partnerships

These skills could be yours

Negotiation Leadership
Taking control of the agenda in a collaborative way gives you the upper hand without seeming pushy. Show your value as a future partner.

Negotiation Styles
Knowing your natural strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator lets you control your nerves. Knowing the style of your counterpart lets you control the outcome.

Effective Bargaining
Never leave anything on the table again by taking the guesswork out of haggling. You will always know that you are getting the very best deal possible.

Owning The Deal
Making sure that the proper steps are taken to follow through along with drafting any necessary contacts puts you in charge of the partnership going forward.

Opposition Research
Know everything there is to know about your counterpart, their business and the deal you are looking to make. Find creative ways to get what you want.

Proactive Listening
Allow your counterpart to have the floor and discover all the details they had not planned on sharing with you. The more you listen the more value you will be able to get out of the deal.

– Marissa T.

Course Modules

The course consists of informational videos, scenarios recorded by actors, swipe files, spreadsheets, quizzes, live Q&A and real life challenges.

The course is delivered through Messenger and once you have gone through all the materials you will be given a link to a collection of all the resources included in the course.

It also contains a fair amount of Gifs and puns, we are sorry about that, #notsorry.

  MODULE 1  

Negotiation Styles

Discover your natural negotiation style

Learn to distinguish between the three negotiation styles and find out if you are a competitive, compromising or collaborative negotiator.

Find out how to embrace the strength and compensate for the weakness of each style.

  MODULE 2  

Due Diligence

Learn how to prepare for a successful negotiation

Learn why and how to do opposition research, how to understand and use case. Determine the your own law and select the jury.

And finally, learn the real importance of where and when of negotiations.

  MODULE 3  

Negotiation Strategy

Learn effective ways of getting the most out of every negotiation

You will know how to craft a perfect opening statement, how to listen proactively and using open ended questions to your advantage.

You will also learn how to call on expert witnesses and convince the jury that they like the deal.

  MODULE 4  


Discover a proven framework for haggling

You will learn the Ackerman model like the back of your hand and feel confident about the numbers you are asking for. Your will also learn how to get your counterpart to bargain with themselves

Finally, you will learn how say no, without really saying no, and how to convince the judge

  MODULE 5  

Seal The Deal

Learn the steps you should take after you have gotten your deal

You will find out how best follow up on each deal you make. This includes what to say in a follow up email and how to draft a helpful contract.

  MODULE 6  

Bonus Materials

Get yourself some extras and become the best negotiator you can be

You will get a one page negotiation checklist that you customize with information before each new negotiation. This brings all the things you have learned to your fingertips and you can confidently go about making the best deal.

You will also get a set of challenges that stretch over a period of 3 months. These will help you continue practicing your new skills even after you have finished the course.

And finally, you will get access to a monthly live Q&A call where you can ask questions about your current negotiations and get feedback on your strategy.

 Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.
– Carrie Fisher  


How is the course taught?
The course is delivered through Facebook Messenger. It consists of videos, written prompts, swipe files, quizzes, workbooks and homework challenges.

Who is this course for?
The course is made for female founders and business leaders. It is tailored to give better tools for negotiating than the old tropes of be more aggressive, make bigger asks, and so on. You can be your natural female self and be an awesome negotiator.

How long is the course?
You can study at your own pace. If you want to just get through as quickly as possible, you can be done within half a day, if you skip some of the homework. I recommend you take your time to work through everything and give it at least a few days.

Why is this course delivered through a chatbot?
I have been giving negotiation workshops for a few years and I wanted you to have a similar interactive experience. Also, it will be more fun, and when it is fun, we learn better.

Who is teaching the course?
My name is Janet Alexandersson and I’m a Swedish business lawyer with 10+ years experience of international startup law. I specialize in contract law and negotiations these days.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, if you are not satisfied, send us an email and we will give you a refund as long as you have given the course an honest try.

Learn to negotiate like a lawyer and start getting the deals you deserve

By taking the course “Negotiate Confidently – Do Better Business” you can become the negotiator your business needs you to be.

You get 3 hours of video materials. 10 swipe files. 10+ homework challenges. Access to monthly Q&A calls. And a bonus one sheet negotiation overview that you can use for every future negotiation.

By the end of the course you will have all the tools you need to go confidently into any negotiation.

To take the course you need access to Facebook Messenger and Google Docs.


The 100 first students get the course at a 30% discount when using the code: sookie