We work with partners, not clients.

We build long term relationships with the people we work with. Most companies have been with us for at least half a decade, either on retainers or when they need us for something specific.

We are boutique by design. We want to be able to fully engage with the vision our partners have for their companies and be available to them for strategy sessions, offer ideation, contract walkthroughs, counterpart negotiations, and all other twists and turns in their journey.

To be able to do so we are small by design – from our partner portfolio to our range of legal services.

The one thing that is big is our passion for helping our partners create trustworthy and fruitful business relationships.

We believe that law, at it’s core, is behavior modification. With that in mind we approach all agreements and contracts with a practical perspective taking into account the actions you wish to see on both sides of your deals.

We believe that it is important that all parties fully understand the agreements that they enter into and focus on drafting contracts that contain clean and clear language for non-lawyers.

We bill by the project, not the hour. We believe the hourly model leads to less than optimal legal services and we only offer fixed fees. The clock will never be ticking when you send us an email or get on a call with us.

Our focus is helping you build successful business relationships. We believe money is never the true bottom line of any negotiation, establishing trustworthy relationships is.

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"These docs are brilliant. Easy to edit, clean, straightforward and, most importantly, easy to understand."

– L. Dellow

"I bought the new legal documents bundle last night and I am thrilled with them. They're perfectly structured for my needs, so now I am able to preempt with confidence a wide range of potential business issues.

The fact that they are completely editable and brandable - not just logo, but font and colours too - means that my legal documents now align perfectly with my company's professional standards."

– J. Oriel

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love the docs! They are so easy to understand, it's clearly marked where things need to be tweaked for my business and they're much clearer to understand compared to other companies out there.

It can be hard to find the right legal documents but these hit the nail right on the head. I can even brand them to my company, not just add my logo... LOVE IT!"

– N. Marriott

"I invested in these and I so glad I did! I wanted to make sure that I had all the correct information to protect my business and it’s saved a whole lot of work! You can edit them to suit your business super easy and quick."

– J. Church

"Purchased the contract and processing agreement bundle from you last year - it’s fab! So easy to customise and love that you recently sent an updated version out. It’s saved me so much time, definitely worth the investment!" 

– K. Cox

"I bought the legal documents yesterday and can say with total confidence that they're superbly drawn up compared to so many I have come across so far!

This is definitely refreshing and reassuring. They were also flexible when it came to editing and branding and, most of all, easy to understand. Thank you!"

– M. Rossi 

"Just sent a new client (an international lawyer specialising in contracts and commercial strategy) my contract and this is her feedback: ... I’m also very impressed by your contract - haven’t had anyone provide me with a document like that for a while!"

– R. McLachlan